Shelter Dog

Donate Aromatherapy With Every Online Purchase

Donate aromatherapy to bring peace and calming to your local community humane society. When I decided to start volunteering I turned to my local humane society first. Where else could I help pets in need and support a cause close to my heart? Throughout my volunteer time not only did I find a tribe of[…]

Aromatherapy Pet Products

Aromatherapy Pet Products & Natural Treats – Shop Online

Our story begins with our pets. Caring for them is an unspoken purpose many of us have devoted our lives to. They complete our families. They fill our hearts. They protect our homes. So it goes without saying that when our pets thrive our families do too.  […]

DIY Natural Dog Paw Wax Recipe

Canadian weather is so unique, spontaneous and varietal! We are truly blessed to experience so many beautiful seasons and all that comes in between. AND we all know those pesky transitional periods when we encounter winter, spring, fall and summer all together! Luckily our canine besties love it just as much as we do…


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