Safe Use of Essential Oils for Pets

The most common question I’m asked by pet parents is… “Are essential oils safe for my pets?”

My short + sweet answer is “Yes, they can be…”

My longer formal response is “…but, you must educate yourself on HOW to use them safely because they’re a powerful form of medicine that must never be underestimated.”

Only the best therapeutic grade essential oils can be used safely with all animals; including horses and other large animals, canines (dogs), felines (cats), avians (birds), and even smaller animals (ferrets, rabbits, and exotic animals too).

Just as we humans must consider our own needs and limitations so too should you factor in your pets health, size and species for their correct + safe use to effectively harness their powerful benefits.

Your pet’s wonderfully unique AND each species has different genetic makeups to factor in. What works well for one pet may not be the best solution for another pet. Like any concentrated formula, food, supplement, medicine or natural ingredient there are always considerations to take into mind.

In a round-about way, holistic approaches to treatments, diets + daily living are gaining momentum in households once again. Pet parents are voicing their concerns over western medicine and it’s long-term effects on their animals.

Thankfully natural alternatives are becoming more readily available in stores + online. Empowered families are extending their holistic lifestyles to include their pets too. And maintaining a natural lifestyle suited to their species is what they deserve isn’t it?

North American veterinaries are just beginning to understand the untapped + overlooked health benefits of natural medicine including essential oils with animals. Schools are now providing formal education too. Professional organizations around the world are forming to become more involved in safety + research.

If we demand more natural practices our veterinarians will have no choice but to continue their education and offer our pets more natural treatments.

So why is North America so behind in these practices?

In fact, veterinary aromatherapy is not new. By the mid-1800’s, scientific studies in Germany + France regarding the medical effects of essential oils on animals and humans were quite advanced. Thanks to positive clinical results, the practice of veterinary aromatherapy was not uncommon in these countries by the middle of the 20th century.

This is where my journey of discovery began. Researching + studying how essential oils can benefit my own family pets. And I encourage you to do so as well!

There is plenty of well-researched, published + online resources supporting it’s safe use with animals available to anyone interested in learning more. Holistic veterinarians may be hard to find but they ARE out there.

Check out Melissa Shelton DVM, Dr. Mary Hess, and Kristen Leigh Bell to start with a great book.

Next, register for my upcoming seminar Safe Use of Essential Oils for Pets this October 22 (Sunday) for a condensed introduction and opportunity to ask your questions + get answers in-person.



Or if you’re unable to attend but still wish to explore your natural options request a free 20-minute discovery call with me. I’m happy to listen and share everything that I know to start you on the right path to natural pet care with essential oils.

Wishing everyone safe + happy oiling!


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