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Let me introduce myself :) My name is Charlene and I connect with animals – of ALL tails! And this is my Royal Tails Blog.

Years ago I was working full time for an engineering firm. I was a proud fur mom of two. And my little house was full of love. I couldn’t wait to come home to them everyday as they were my world. In fact could you even imagine your own life without pets at home? Neither can I!


And I remember so vividly every pet family I’ve ever known and how much their fur children mean to them. The bond is indescribable and their love so pure.

The idea of working with animals was always a fantasy in my books. As a child I remember asking neighbours if I could visit their cat and hang out or if I could walk the dog while babysitting. As a teenager I was always distracted by anything with a tail that crossed my path. Never shy to say hello or ask their name so I could remember for next time.

Outside of visiting animals for fun and family – I wanted more. So I began volunteering at my local humane society and my whole world expanded. Working with up to 30 dogs, cats and small animals every week changed my life. I was warned that my heart would break when I couldn’t take them home. But instead I was thrilled to be there for them until they did find their fur-ever homes. With only minutes between animals the connections we shared were always too short but the reunions each week were incredible.

I just had to find a way to work with animals even outside of volunteering at this point – but how could I take on more? Once again I thought back to all the pet families I knew. And then it clicked! I began asking them who was taking care of their pets and if they’ve ever used a pet nanny? And who did they connect with regarding their pets’ daily health and wellness?

We shared stories of asking family or neighbours for help then turning to their groomers and vets for guidance. But everyone agreed that having someone reliable to call on for support for their furry children while they had to be away from home would be amazing. In fact a trusted network of pet nannies supporting these pet families would keep their pets safe and happy in their own castles while providing the parents with peace of mind while they were away!

And so it began… First and foremost I am proud to be a part of so many pets’ lives today. Now a full-time dog walker, pet nanny, house sitter, fur mom and business owner (take a deep breath!) my passion has forged my career. One that aligns with my purpose and gives back to so many in my community. This Royal Tails Blog is intended for many things. But as with all my writing I like to affirm my intentions right from the beginning. And being this is my first article thank you for joining me on this new project. Introduce yourself and your furry family – this blog is for you and your feedback is always appreciated!

As the founder of Royal Tails and passionate advocate for pet families I look forward to discussing topics surrounding private pet care, daily health & wellness, and sharing my journey into the world of essential oils and aromatherapy for both you and your pets.

As an adopted pet mom and nanny to countless furry children I wish to share the moments and feelings that capture the irreplaceable bond between pets and their humans.

As a volunteer and small business owner I aim to inspire, educate and unite pet families with their local communities and pet professionals.

And above all as an individual I most look forward to connecting with you and your family online and in person one visit at a time!

Charlene Davidson

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