Dry Shampoo for Dogs + Cats : Product Feature

Dry Shampoo

Wet weather is here and heavy odours are a lingering reminder even after we’re back inside – yuck!

I think we can call agree as Canadians we LIVE for the outdoors. We MUST get outside for fresh air, exercise and a bit of socializing as part of our healthy pet family lives.

We’ve got rain coats, boots + umbrellas for ourselves and even our pets now too! They are the cutest little outfits that bring back the fun in splashing through puddles and running through warm rain…

Wet Dog

Let me back inside!

But despite all these nice accessories sometimes the moisture in the air traps odour in our pets’ coats that follows them back inside regardless of our efforts to keep dry.

And who has time for another rinse, wash and dry? A quick towel rub is always a fun excuse for some rewarding play time together but then…

…this is where dry shampoo can save you precious time + energy.

Sprinkle the deodorizing powder through your dog or cat’s coat after towel drying to soak up those left over odours that would normally end up on their bed or even your couch – eww!

Our Dry Shampoo for dogs + cats gently deodorizes fur coats and leaves a fresh lemongrass scent for hours. The natural essential oils are therapeutic and safe for your pet too. Even if they decide to groom or lick themselves afterwards you can rest easy and get on with your day while they freshen up.

Get yours here today and tag @royaltails1 in a photo of your stinker pet so we can share in odourless glory the best tip for killing those rainy day smells.

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo for Dogs + Cats

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