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Shelter Dog

Donate aromatherapy to bring peace and calming to your local community humane society.

Shelter Dog

When I decided to start volunteering I turned to my local humane society first. Where else could I help pets in need and support a cause close to my heart?

Throughout my volunteer time not only did I find a tribe of like-minded animal lovers and volunteers – I also witnessed the growing heart of Niagara families to rescue and adopt shelter animals. And how these connections are made truly makes a difference on everyone’s behalf.

It’s a place of transition for everyone. The kennels are sometimes crowded and busy, other times empty and lonely. So how can we support a peaceful and calming experience during their stay? By infusing the gentle benefits of aromatherapy to their shared rooms. With safe use and a knowledge of the right oils for dogs they can all enjoy the same health benefits together.

Essential oils have profound effects on animals just as much as they do for us humans! In fact aromatherapy not only works on the skin and organs but has a direct effect on the limbic system in the brain. There is an immediate effect upon emotions through the aroma penetrating their noses helping with physical conditions while also reducing stress and anxiety at the same time.

Since Royal Tails supplied diffusers to the local humane society their adoption and stray kennels now boast a spa-like atmosphere, calming and relaxing both the animals and the families that come to meet them. But we need donors to keep a regular supply of essential oils for daily use. And this is where YOU can help…

Happy Shelter Dog

Shop now and top up your cart with a donation to refill the kennels with ongoing aromatherapy. With every purchase from our online store don’t forget to make a small donation to support your local community shelter – it’s that easy! Your donation will provide relief and emotional support for every dog during this transitional period of waiting for their forever family to take them home.

For less than a coffee you can help care for the pets in your community that need it most. Help us support a positive shift in the lives of adopted animals today. And on behalf of all the happy resident dogs – thank you!

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