Cats versus fleas natural pest control for infestations
July 30, 2020

Cats versus fleas

Let’s talk about cats versus fleas and natural pest control!

Does your fur baby suffer from fleas? Don’t harm your pet!

Focusing on cats versus fleas specifically… Did you know that fleas prefer cats over dogs as hosts? In this video I talk about the flea life cycle, their impact on cats health, related diseases and effective natural pest control options for your home.

For starters, gain an advantage in your fight against fleas by understanding their life cycle. Learn how frequently fleas repopulate and how long they survive when unable to find a host. Understand these time frames to effectively eradicate fleas before they become an infestation.

Next, focus on your cat by using a flea comb to remove any eggs, dander or adult fleas. By doing this, you’ll cut short the cycle of infestation on your pet’s body without using harsh chemicals. Then, you can focus on your home, to eliminate the remaining population of fleas hiding elsewhere. Consider using Diatomaceous Earth or my Dry Shampoo for dogs and cats to effectively prevent fleas from repopulating.

Hear what experts are saying about it.

Treat the environment properly by vacuuming regularly for several weeks and thoroughly washing bedding and toys in hot soapy water to remove eggs, larvae, and pupae. Remember to seal and remove vacuum bags after a cleaning session. You can even encourage faster emergence of the remaining pupae with a humidifier and an increase in the home temperature. Once all the hibernating pupae have emerged, you can make sure they are all destroyed. The household can be (cautiously) treated with sprays and foggers.

Fleas can be frustrating and an on-going challenge to eliminate, but if you are consistent and use my suggested techniques, over time you’ll be successful at controlling infestation before it begins. And remember to treat all the areas where your pet spends time indoors, including their beds, carriers and clothing.



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