Aromatherapy Support for Your Emotional Pet

Aromatherapy Support Emotional Pet

Understanding the relationship between our beloved pets + essentials oils has been my behind-the-scenes work for years now. And I’m confident I can now provide aromatherapy support for your emotional pet with therapeutic remedies designed JUST for them.

Charlene with Mimi (Chihuauha)

I’m excited to write this because it’s a proud milestone for me and a promising relief for many pet families. 

Does your dog or cat have emotional as well physical ailments that you believe are related?

Are you searching to support your pet’s every day health at home with natural, gentle and therapeutic options?

Email me to book a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to discuss what holistic and alternative options are available to you. Let’s support your unique pet’s needs with alternative and natural solutions.

Go ahead, tell me about your pet’s situation and don’t forget to include your phone number and the best time to reach you so I can connect with you over the phone.

With love and guidance,

Charlene Davidson
Pet Family Advocate, Fur-Mom, Governess and Essential Oil Blender

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