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Aromatherapy Pet Products

Our story begins with our pets. Caring for them is an unspoken purpose many of us have devoted our lives to. They complete our families. They fill our hearts. They protect our homes. So it goes without saying that when our pets thrive our families do too. 

Holistic care is gaining recognition for it’s gentle approach – for both humans and animals too. It’s in our everyday footsteps together that wellness begins. Regular exercise, good company, fresh food + natural remedies boost their health and keep their tails wagging happily…

Aromatherapy Pet Products

Our unique line of pet products – each with a touch of aromatherapy will benefit your pets health + state of mind. We believe in respecting all living beings by relying on our natural planet to provide what we need to live healthy and happy lives.

We carefully formulated our product line by choosing the highest quality of therapeutic essential oils + organic ingredients that are natural, clean and gentle for every day use with your pets. Hand crafted in small batches to maintain freshness; our products will always remain free from preservatives, artificial colours, scents or harsh chemicals. Everything is made in alignment with nature’s intention – biodegradable and cruelty-free.

As parents we have the opportunity to give back by choosing natural products for our pets where we can. So don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ve got you covered. Shop now for must-have essential oil remedies and natural treats for your pets.

Deodorizing Dry Shampoo

Soothing Skin Spray

Ear Relief Serum

Butter Balm

Protective Paw Wax

Outdoor Defence Spray & Drops

Aromatherapy Lockets

and more…

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