Aromatherapy Diffuser Locket – Families & Pets

Aromatherapy Accessory

Aromatherapy diffuser lockets open and close easily so you can apply a drop of essential oil to the cotton ball inside and enjoy the aromas as they gently diffuse through the locket. 

The practice of aromatherapy is known for many therapeutic benefits that cross physical, mental and emotional barriers within seconds. Evoke feelings of calm and comfort, uplift your energy and focus, or align your energies and more with therapeutic essential oils. 

Choose your style/size (small, medium, large), then pick a colour for the cotton ball kept inside. Clip-on to your favourite necklace, purse or hang in your car for a subtle touch of aromatherapy on the go. And be prepared for those wonderful compliments of “What smells SO good?”!

Aromatherapy Accessory

Diffuser Locket

Don’t forget these are great for use with your pets too. The lockets conveniently clip on/off to collars, harnesses and crates so you can use aromatherapy to calm, relax, settle and ease your pets experiences. Great when used during thunder storms, hikes, car rides, training, and more.

Clip-on Diffuser Locket

Aromatherapy for Dogs

Start with a single drop of essential oil and reapply for strength desired.

Therapeutic Grade Essential oils sold separately – Call (289) 696-4509 for a complimentary 20-minute aromatherapy consultation with Charlene.

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Aromatherapy Locket (Large)

Aromatherapy Locket (Medium)

Aromatherapy Locket (Small) (Size Recommended for Pets)

Sample Size Essential Oils

Additional Cotton Balls

Leather cords available for purchase here.

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