About Royal Tails

Charlene with her rescue dog Serena

Charlene Davidson

Cat Mom, Dog Fosterer and Pet Family Advocate

Charlene’s maternal instincts began at a very young age, never without a pet by her side she couldn’t imagine her life without her beloved animals. Volunteering at her local humane society grew her heart to understand her purpose as a pet family advocate - rescuing + supporting pet parents.

Starting on her own she created Royal Tails Pet Care in 2014 to offer in-home pet sitting + dog walking to busy pet parents. Finding like minded passionate care providers she grew her team of pet nannies across the Niagara region in order to provide reliable, professional + trustworthy care for pets in their own homes.

She continues to pursue her passion of holistic pet care, studying on-line + travelling for education seminars to offers health + wellness advice to pet families of all types. In 2017 she developed + launched her Royal Tails Boutique online store. Offering natural remedies, treats + therapeutic products - designed just for pets. Each product is handmade in small batches to remain organic, free from harsh chemicals or allergens + safe for everyday use.

Charlene now happily supports many pet families as a private nanny, advocate and consultant. Hosting seminars + workshops for pet parents in search of natural alternatives to pet care. She aims to empower pet families on holistic living + intuitive pet care, harnessing the powerful benefits of essential oils that promote healthy pets and forge happy homes. Join her growing tribe by following her on Instagram and be sure to check out her blog too.

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