5 Tips for Eco-friendly Pet Parents

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We’re seeing it more and more on the packaging and labels of every day products – eco-friendly, sustainable sources, recycled materials, free-trade etc. Until recently, while I’ve always considered my own personal impact on the environment, I never really considered the carbon paw print of my pets…

As an entrepreneur I’ve happily followed a recycle, reuse and reduce practice, but once I received the invitation to participate in the Green Living Show this March 21-24 at the Toronto Metro-Convention Centre, I began to take a closer look at how I could do better, not just as an entrepreneur, but as a pet parent too.

So, what does “eco-friendly” mean to pet families? According to Douglas Martin, Founder + President of Eco-friendly and Certified Organic Dog Treats’ Manufacturer, Treat Planet, 

“Eco-friendly means that we focus on using only natural ingredients”. 

Today’s pet parents don’t want lots of chemicals or processed treats for their pets, they want foods and products that are all-natural and healthy.

As a dog and cat mom, I couldn’t agree more. This has always been one of the top guiding principles for my home and my business. My basic personal guidelines have been, “natural, therapeutic, animal & planet friendly”. I know I’m not the only one. In fact, if you’re reading this now, you’re likely a pet parent too, otherwise you wouldn’t have read past the headline.

So how can “we”, as responsible pet families, also serve our planet better? Here are 5 easy tips to “go green” and reduce your impact on our beautiful home planet:

  1. Adopt from a shelter.

Canadians are rescuers. It’s in our blood. Over 16 million homes have domestic pets. There are also over 125 humane societies across the country with over 100,000 animals waiting for their next home.  Make an impact on the welfare of homeless sheltered animals in your community by visiting your local humane society for adoption.

  1. Find sustainable pet products.

As consumers, we have a collective opportunity to demand sustainable and eco-friendly products, not just for ourselves, but for our pets too. Think natural ingredients such as, recycled packaging, sustainably sourced food, compostable poop bags and kitty litter. These daily products are small but add up quickly over years of use with your pet.

  1. Make your own pet snacks.

Save money and packaging by making edibles for your pets. This includes meals, treats and activities. Get creative in the kitchen. You’d be surprised how easy it is to add whole food to your pets’ diet. (Please keep in mind that it’s important to know your pets allergies and remember to notify your vet before feeding your pet anything new.) Follow these links for great recipesquick guides, and Pinterest inspiration to help you get you started. 

  1. Consider eco-friendly pet toys

Selecting dog toys can be tough, especially when you want durability and sustainability, while at the same time, appeasing your dog’s preferences. There are plenty of companies that make strong and planet-friendly options. For non-toxic durable toys, check out West Paw Design. For plush toys with a purpose (some of their proceeds go towards benefiting wildlife protection) check out P.L.A.Y.  For 100% recycled tug toys, shop Harry Barker. You’ll even find organic hemp toys by Honest Pet Products

  1. Optimal hygiene for everyone

While there are few of us crazy dog moms that talk about our dog’s waste excitedly, the fact is, we ALL scoop. Single-use plastic bags are a dime a dozen now, but they can take years decompose in a landfill. Did you know there are vegetable-based compostable poop bags?! Neither did I until I discovered the bag brand, earth-rated®. Also, designate a compost bin to keep your pets waste separate and check with your local municipality for a compost environment where pet waste is accepted. 

After all this homework and with great excitement I’m proud to announce that as a business Royal Tails is now an official retailer of earth-rated® products to help support our pet family community and wonderful tribe. As a dog & cat mom I’ve already made the shift in my pets lifestyle with all of these tips above and hope they make it just as easy for you.

How many of these practices do you already integrate into your pets’ routine? 

Got a suggestion – send us your ideas!


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